Flipping the Switch


Hello there, and welcome to the grand opening of Grump Factory, a blog started by Tim and I to have an outlet for the type of opinions on entertainment that we feel are sorely lacking in number these days.

Frankly, too many people like too much mediocre/terrible crap. There just don’t seem to be any standards people use when watching movies, listening to music or playing games. Every new movie they see is their new favorite movie, etc. Happy Feet becomes a box office smash. Brett Ratner continues to get work.

Enough is enough, we say. Don’t stand for bad entertainment! Be harsh! Be critical! Be a grump! We hope that by making this blog, we can encourage people to look at the generic, boring crap Hollywood and video game publisher/evil empire Electronic Arts pour into the slop bucket of American consumption with a skeptical eye. There’s nothing wrong with being a grump, I say. We need a nation of grumps who won’t be satisfied by being pandered to like a lowest common denominator.

As for the content of our blog, we plan to cover a variety of subjects that are of interest to us. Movies, video games and anime are sure to be common sights on this blog, but don’t be surprised if manga, comic books, television or music pop up now and again, as well. Basically, there are no hard and fast rules for the content we post here; whatever captures our fancy/ire at the moment.

While we will be posting quite a few reviews, please note that we will not be including grades or scores out of ten or anything like that with these. We both agree that tacking a number or letter grade to a review does more harm than good. Usually, people tend to just zero in on whatever rating a person gives in a review and doesn’t pay much attention to the meat and potatoes of the discussion. We’d rather people focus on the content and context of our posts rather than whatever arbitrary value we attribute to something.

Also, we’ll nitpick. If you hate it when people nitpick, we will annoy you to no end. But we think this is healthy and nitpicking even a movie you love isn’t really a bad thing. If you have issue with an opinion either of us has on a subject, don’t feel you can’t bring it up with us. We encourage active and robust discussion! Also if you simply must gush to us about how awesome we are, that’s cool, too.

Posts will be forthcoming detailing the contributors to Grump Factory, as well as one or two pre-made posts on a few different subjects. I hope to keep you engaged as a reader! Grump responsibly!

3 Responses to “Flipping the Switch”

  1. B to the fucking Z Says:

    I wholeheartedly approve of the “be critical” ideaology. Why the hell did Portrait of Ruin keep getting near-perfect review scores again?

  2. johnmora Says:

    It got near-perfect scores because the vast majority of reviewers are nitwits.

  3. Ultimate Hellsing: AMEN! « Grump Factory Says:

    […] Sounds a lot like The Grump Factory mantra! So then Crispin must’ve noticed something was up with Ultimate Hellsing. Little about it […]

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