Grump Alert: Solid State Society to Air Monday Night



This is a priority 1 Grump Alert, guys! One of Tim’s and I’s most hotly anticipated movies this year is getting airtime on the Sci-Fi Channel Monday night. Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society is a movie installment in the venerable Stand Alone Complex branch of the Ghost in the Shell franchise. Not only was Ghost in the Shell one of the inspirations for The Matrix, which was the inspiration for almost every action movie since 1999, but Stand Alone Complex has been almost consistently the best iteration of the franchise. Not to mention it’s probably one of the best animes I’ve ever seen. It comes as close to perfection as I’ve ever seen in an anime, and judging from Tim’s reaction to seeing a special screening of Solid State Society earlier this year, I have no reason to doubt the same is the case with this one. If you’re worried about not being able to jump into it; don’t be. The basic premise is that Section 9 is a group of anti-cybercrime cops in the near future. Motoko Kusanagi (aka The Major) used to be their leader, but two years ago she disappeared, leaving her teammate Batou inconsolable. Action and talking heads ensue.

It airs this Monday night at 11PM EST. I don’t care what you have to do to see this: tape it, stay up and miss work the next day, whatever. You are seeing this. And posting your reactions in the comments for this post. :3

Remember: that’s 11PM EST on the Sci-Fi Channel. This is an event no Grumpling will be allowed to miss!

18 Responses to “Grump Alert: Solid State Society to Air Monday Night”

  1. Ryu Says:

    But I don’t own a TV! I hear they’re constructing a new layer a couple slots below Purgatory just for me.

  2. Marc M Says:

    Thanks for the GRUMP ALERT!
    Ive added it to my DVR.

  3. johnmora Says:

    “But I don’t own a TV!”

  4. sirtmagus Says:

    This will be the best thing on TV you see all year.

    Probably the best movie too. =P

  5. johnmora Says:

    No one spoil it for me, I’m gonna have to watch my taping of it tomorrow night. Stupid work. :(

  6. sirtmagus Says:



  7. IGoByChad Says:

    I also have no TV at the moment. And something about a 2 year anniversary. (Like that takes priority, HA)

  8. johnmora Says:

    The Major should be your only REAL girlfriend.

  9. sirtmagus Says:


    Barring Sci-Fi’s commercials and lame-o blurring of that one butt, seeing it with friends and with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn’s uncanny voice was just as heartpounding as the first time. Frakkin’ masterful animated cyberpunk work by Kenji Kamiyama and crew.

    Bring on 3rd Gig!

  10. IGoByChad Says:

    So who’s sending me the tape?

  11. johnmora Says:

    The Puppeteer. }:3

  12. johnmora Says:

    WOW. I just finished it. Pretty much everything was spotless and outstanding. The English dubbing, the plot, the direction, the MUSIC… perfection. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from a Ghost in the Shell movie. It completely floored me with “that” scene with Togusa and the revelation of the Puppeteer’s identity. My jaw literally dropped both times. And then that ENDING. They will never stop COCKTEASING me. I just hope that this wasn’t the last of the SACs.

  13. sirtmagus Says:

    So. Greatest thing ever? \:3

  14. johnmora Says:


    MY GOD


    Her vag is vast and infinite.

  15. jlacroix Says:


  16. johnmora Says:

    Uh, hi. Anything to say on the subject?

  17. jlacroix Says:

    Mainly that Ghost in the Shell is the best thing to come to anime, and you’re awesome.

  18. johnmora Says:

    You flatter me, sir!


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