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Grump Alert: REBUILD of Evangelion trailer

July 14, 2007

There it is. The first look at the new version of Neon Genesis Evangelion, with a new coat of lush visuals, hi-tech CG animation and warbling by Kingdom Hearts and Columbia University reject Utada Hikaru.

It looks spectacular.

It’s from the guys behind FLCL and Gunbuster 2 so spectacular animation shouldn’t be a surprise. But it is! Unit 01 and its prog knife, Tokyo-3 rising out of the ground, Shinji’s subtle new sneer, Rei’s hair moving in the wind, the 5th Angel, the sniper rifle, all in glorious new modern animation…!! It’s enough to get this old cynic excited by anime again.

Yeah, it’s yet another remake, my destiny is intertwined with them apparently, but it’s promised to be a new look at the Evangelion story, a much more accessible take on it. And it’s out soon in Japan, September 1st of this year, the first of four feature-length movies. The final one is going to be an all new conclusion.

I had to share. It’s on loop for me now. Maybe it will be for you? Be sure to spread the word – and the trailer – to all animation, sci-fi and depressing human drama fans you know!