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Rats Make Delicious Food: The Movie

July 6, 2007


Like I need to say anything about how great Pixar is. Arguably (who’d argue?) the only American animators left who still treat the medium with a modicum of respect, their latest, Ratatouille, may be their best, a big deal since their past catalog is mostly gold.



July 4, 2007

If you told me back in the late 80s, playing with my metal diecast Starscream (heaven forbid you drop that bastard on your toe!), that I’d see him and his transforming brethren in a live-action motion picture, I’d call you a big stupid doo doo head. That’s impossible!

If you told me Michael Bay would make it and it would be good I’d call you a fucking idiot. That’s impossible.

Or IS it?!