MCLOVIN – Superbad


Hey, it’s a Two Grumplet Friday. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon The Movie Film For Theaters, another comedy, is the the other one. This one is all about McLovin Superbad. Here’s my original intro for the grump:

“Nerds, somefuckinghow, are in vogue. Either Captain Janeway got home or Wile E. caught that fucking road runner, something happened to make audiences do an about face and love our (yes, our, I’m speaking to you and, of me, if you somehow found THIS blog then you likely know at least nine Star Wars quotes off the top of your head) inhalers, acne-ridden foreheads and cripping social foibles.”

I didn’t really know where to go from there. I was gonna mention Revenge of the Nerds, other teenage sex comedies, escapist fantasty, blah blah social analysis girls are objectified whatever. What’s the goddamn point. Superbad is a raunchy comedy, lots of dialogue about penises and vaginas, girls we wanna have sex with you please let us have sex with you you’re bitches for not letting us have sex with you. It also wins the Longest Running Gag Award of 2007:


You will hear that name a lot in this movie and probably for the rest of the year if you’re unlucky enough to live on a college campus or walk down a city block. Every Jagermeister-swilling backwards cap-wearing asshat will be sure to let the world know that yes, he too has seen Superbad, and he remembers the jokey name it had in it. It’s THAT joke. The movie relies so much on it and it even wears out its welcome when it’s first introduced because it’s fucking over-explained to painful detail by the Fat Kid. Since when has over-explaining the joke become THE joke? Yeesh. McLovin does redeem itself time to time, at least when Seth Rogan yells it but he could yell a Chinese take out menu and I’d still chuckle.

Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah, is the rest of the movie funny? Sure. This is a decent comedy, another from the Knocked Up and 40-Year-Old Virgin guys, and again, the best stuff is about the almost-gay guy friendship. Seriously, I was on the edge of my seat, itching to see if they’d finally — no, no gay consummation yet. Instead there’s an unrealistic reconciliation and a double-pairing that’s way too lofty for even the fondest of wet nerd dreams. And the longest shot of a mall concourse I’ve ever seen in a movie that closes the movie.

Malls are places people buy Jamba Juice and insist on keeping Sharper Image in business at, so seeing one as the birthplace of young, messy love was disarming. I know someone, somewhere, is writing the script to the movie where the nerd discovers “the one” on MySpace and after much tribulation the film closes on them sharing a burrito and Sprite at Chipotle. Yeah, I guess real people do find romance there, it is more reasonable than crying in the rain but I can’t stand people finding romance anywhere. Stay miserable, I say. When is that movie coming? I want to see that one get made. Stay Miserable.

Oh, right the movie. It does some fun stuff with cops and creepy adults but Michael Cera, the kid from Arrested Development, must be born with the marvelous comic timing gene. Even though all he does is stammer and look uncomfortable he sells it every time. He sells comedy.

Comedy in Superbad. It’s pretty good. But long. Why does a comedy have to be over 2 hours long?

God, whyyyyyyyyy McLovin whyyyyyyyy

9 Responses to “MCLOVIN – Superbad”

  1. IGoByChad Says:

    Is pretty good and a constantly running gag worth my $349232 movie ticket?

  2. johnmora Says:

    “escapist fantasty”

    McLovin is getting to you.

    And overexplaining has been hot ever since… KNOCKED UP.

  3. IGoByChad Says:

    Oh, and romance at Chipotle? Count me in!

  4. Caciss Says:

    McLovin was a running gag, but it wasn’t run into the ground.

    Overall, I enjoyed it.

  5. Caciss Says:

    Oh, and I think your whole paragraph about the mall and myspace was stupid.


  6. sirtmagus Says:

    You shouldn’t block my cock, Caciss.

    You should guide it. :(

  7. kumquat Says:

    I just watched it on the internet. Stupid Japan and your lack of movies that aren’t giant robot related.

    I didn’t mind the McLovin jokes, but the overexplaining did get to me. As well as the “making everyone lovable” bit that Mora mentioned in his Knocked Up review. The cops were awesome, but they could cut out the lecturing at the end. Regardless, I’m just happy to see Michael Cera. So wonderfully awkward, it’s like Maeby and George Michael all over again. “Just stay cool, man. She wants to suck your penis.”

    Aww it’s time to watch Arrested Development again and taste the sad. :(

  8. johnmora Says:

    I need to START watching that. My only Michael Cera exposure was his guest stint on Veronica Mars.

  9. james Says:

    Mora? Watching Arrested Development? Never going to happen.

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