Grumplet: The Simpsons Movie


Despite losing its charm nearly a decade ago with lame guest stars up the ass and gags so outdated only Seth MacFarlane would laugh (Scientology! LOL), Fox finally saw it fit to release that Simpsons movie fans have been waiting their whole reference-reciting lives for. Well, lock up the hounds or the bees or the hounds that shoot bees out of their mouths and pass the Red Tick Beer because The Simpsons Movie is actually pretty good. Matt Groening said he wouldn’t do the movie unless they had the right story and I guess this is as close as they’d get. Springfield’s in danger, Homer and Marge’s marriage is troubled and Lisa… well, she’s still an annoying tart, so, it’s exactly what fans would expect.

What’s unexpected is just how much… character development, I guess is what it can be called, is in the movie. Remember old episodes of The Simpsons that were actually kind of touching? The movie hearkens back to some of that. It succeeds with Homer and Marge’s storyline but Bart’s subplot, in which he spends some father-son bonding time with that GEEK Flanders, feels forced and out of place. There are also several cameos and in-jokes only seasoned Simpsons vets would catch. It looks like every single Springfield resident appears in crowd scenes, though I never did see Sideshow Bob. I was especially pleased spotting Chester J. Lampwick in a shot.

The animation’s great, Hans Zimmer’s music is passable, the voice acting is the same quality it’s always been… it’s a solid flick. The jokes do fall flat time to time but if you’re a Simpsons fan or if you want to give 2D animation your patronage, and you should, there’s no reason not to see it.


5 Responses to “Grumplet: The Simpsons Movie”

  1. sirtmagus Says:

    I’d like to amend one statement, about the voice acting – which is superb, btw – and add one more thing.

    Marge’s voice actress has a scene that either pulls you directly out of the movie or makes you forget you’re watching an animated movie. It’s sad and weird and entirely unexpected. It’s interesting for sure.

    The movie’s overall tone reminds me of The Simpsons from the early-mid 90s and that’s a good thing. But its political satire is not subtle, though I’m straining to remember if the show ever was subtle about anything. Kudos (or Kodos?) nonetheless to the staff for attempting to give the movie more thematic weight.

  2. KJ Says:

    I was thrilled that “Close To You” was as prominently featured as it was.

  3. GeorgeK Says:

    Wait, tim, what scene are you refering to? How are we supposed to agree or disagree when you don’t tell us what you’re talking about? It’s not like we all have the dvd at home for easy reference. :P

  4. sirtmagus Says:

    Her videotape.

    Did you see it? I figured anyone who’s seen the movie would know what I’m referring to.

  5. IGoByChad Says:

    I saw the movie, but couldn’t instantly recall that either.

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