Alexandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain: ?!?!?!


11 Responses to “Alexandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain: ?!?!?!”

  1. hito Says:

    no alt text? :<

  2. rd Says:

    Holy crap…

    What the fug is this?!?!

  3. Patrick (Vacek) Says:

    I think we can all agree this is a perfect movie.
    (The rock-n-roll weaponry cracks me up.)

  4. PC Says:

    I need tho watch this.

  5. Sean/Shard Says:

    So not a big fan of organized religion, or states, or aristocracy…or chimps?
    Was there a discernible tale being told here or just a succession of acid-induced imagery?

  6. John Mora Says:

    The literal story is about a thief who attempts to steal from an alchemist who lives in a giant obelisk, but instead the alchemist converts him and along with several other repenters, attempts to journey to the holy mountain (mentioned in all religions) in order to reach spiritual enlightenment.

    You’re pretty much spot-on about the rest. Except chimps. I suspect Jodorowsky enjoys them greatly.

  7. Film Walrus Says:

    What an unforgettable movie.

    I’m going to go link my Holy Mountain review to your screenshots because I am lazy.

  8. james Says:

    So did the movie come with free hits of acid or do they cost extra?

  9. sixpastsix Says:

    The movie makes plenty of sense. It’s laden with occult and alchemical references through and throughout. Jodorowsky’s vision to portray the manufacturing of Christianity int he manner he did so in the first section of the film as brilliant. Warped? Totally. Bizarre? Indeed. However it opened the eyes of the viewer and hopefully makes them realize that we like in an world where we should escape the molds of ourselves to exceed ourselves. For the year in which it was made, I find the underlining themes to still hold true today, making it a truly timeless masterpiece. It makes you realize contanst handicap and struggle, regrets and anguish… how to explore beyond that to uncover your holy mountain.

  10. Chris Cronin Says:

    i love this movie…el topo is another great film.

  11. Olie Says:

    It’s a bit difficult to follow in the beginning but, once the dialog (?!) starts, it makes much more sense.

    Also, the Reenactment of the Conquering Of Mexico is so realistic that one has to wonder if they had actual cameramen on location at the time of the original ;)

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