Grump Alert: Hollywood Doesn’t Care About Good Movies


This post could easily be more Oscar nomination grousing, but no, I’m over that. Mostly.

No, instead, this is about some other awards ceremony: the Annies. It’s a ceremony that rewards animated features and shorts. With the strong showing in that field this year thanks to WALL-E, you’d think PIXAR would be cleaning up the awards, right?


Now, this in itself isn’t what burns my biscuit. I could understand if it just got pushed out of the way for a dark horse candidate like, say, Waltz for Bashir. But that isn’t what happened. WALL-E lost out to Kung-Fu Panda, which won 15 of the 24 categories.

Now, I have nothing personal against Kung-Fu Panda. It was entertaining! A step in the right direction for Dreamworks! But is it better than WALL-E? Never. If I ever meet a person in real life insinuate something even close to that, I will look them in the eye, clench my jaw and give them a slap that Daniel Plainview would wince at.

And that’s not even the only disgrace in this. JAR JAR BINKS got an Annie and WALL-E didn’t. What the fucking hell?! There’s… there’s no justice. 2009’s awards shows can kiss my ass.


3 Responses to “Grump Alert: Hollywood Doesn’t Care About Good Movies”

  1. Rick Says:

    Stop watching them. =V

  2. Film Walrus Says:

    So I just watched Kung Fu Panda yesterday and I was surprised how much I liked it, considering my rock bottom expectations for Dreamworks. There usual voice-acting antics were frustrating as usual, but apparently the Annies think even those were award material.

    But yeah, WALL-E was a bonafide masterpeice and easily in my top 10 for animated films. I can understand if maybe people were confused by the lack of pop songs, celebrity voice-actors, poop jokes, smarmy condescension and ugly characters that are merchandized down our throats. It seems especially galling coming from the Annies, who at least didn’t give their top prize to Happy Feet (Oscar!) and bothered to recognize “Cat’s Don’t Dance” when even its own studio wouldn’t. These days it seems like the only animated awards worth following are the Annecy Film Festival prizes.

    Oh well. I guess it’s time for us to line up and be force-fed more Shrek sequels.

  3. John Mora Says:

    I agree, Kung Fu Panda was a surprisingly entertaining film. But more deserving of awards than WALL-E? Uh, maybe they just gave out awards based on improvement.

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