Grump Alert: Return of the King is the Ultimate Best Picture


…According to Yahoo users.


I agree with the blog writer. ROTK is a fine movie – I was crying in the theaters when Sam was all “I CAN CARRY YOU” like the rest of ya – but over The Godfather? Aside from There Will Be Blood, it’s THE American film. It is so rich, so perfect, as close to objective cinematic nirvana you can get. That is, until There Will Be Blood‘s release in 2007. And if we’re going subjective here well, then, I gotta throw Blade Runner‘s tattered, rain-soaked hat in the ring, but… Anyway, it seems steadily apparent out of the nominees these Internet voters have only seen Return of the King. I doubt many of them have even heard of Godfather and if they have it must be only by reputation. How else could cinematic staples like Casablanca and Lawrence of Arabia go down so quickly? (IMHO, Gone With the Wind deserves to eat dust – it’s the Titanic of its time).

Maybe it’s not so disastrous. At least Black Knight didn’t win. Return of the King deserved it that year (anyone else remember what was up for the big award in 2003?) and it is pretty great. But when these BEST MOVIES EVER lists and such show up I can’t help but froth at the mouth a little when I see the clear winner lose. Sheesh, ya can’t trust the Academy to make the right decision, ya can’t trust the Internet… hubba hubba hubba money money money who can you trust?! … \:3


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