Grump Alert – Pioneer Project


Video game blogs are like assholes: everyone’s got one. I mean, hell, look at this! But not all of them show the same kind of design talent and effort in dredging up some of the hidden gems of years past as one that recently came to my attention: Pioneer Project. It’s run by a charming lady in the UK, so sometimes the titles of games may seem confusing to readers from the States (since when is Tomba! Tombi! ?), but hopefully it can raise some interest in some younger or not-that-hardcore gamers out there to go back and revisit some really worthwhile games. Browsing through the articles on record so far had me reminiscing about the fantastic five-day rental of Tomba! I had back in the day. Maaaan. What a great game. And I’m completely jealous that the UK got Vib Ribbon and we couldn’t. You could even say I’m quite grumpy about it!!!

But really, a fellow SEGA fan (the good SEGA from the Genesis/Dreamcast days, not the pitiful, mangled husk of a company they are now) couldn’t help but charm me~

Check out Pioneer Project and maybe you’ll like it, too!


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