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So there I was, doing my errands yesterday. I mainly was waiting around for an appointment at the mall, but since it was an hour and a half away, I decided to drive around the immediate area and check out some stores. I used my birthday gift card to get Park Chan-wook’s Vengeance Trilogy on Blu-Ray. If you haven’t seen them, see them!

Then I went to this somewhat crappy independent used game shop nearby called Gameco. Gameco is the type of used store that A) never has anything good or interesting to sell and B) has terrible, uncompetitive prices. I normally wouldn’t even go there to pick up a run-of-the-mill game there because I could find it just about anywhere cheaper.

So of course I was going there with little-to-no expectations for anything. I always have a few “dream” games that I say to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice to find this game!” Y’know, wish list-type stuff. I checked the PS2 rack for some of the decent Gundam games and Suikoden V. No dice. To be expected at a dump like this, really. Any good Dreamcast games? Pbbbbttt. Not even any good Saturn cases to serve as a replacement for Panzer Dragoon Saga‘s cracked case.

I’m about to leave when I notice they have a glass case where they seem to put their “valuable” games. I see some SNES and PSone cases in there and figure I was wasting my time looking at the other stuff. I walk over and scan over the PSone games. FFVII, Chrono Cross, yada yada yada… The SNES cartridges aren’t looking too much better, either, with some old copies of Secret of Mana and FFIII(VIj) sitting around.

I almost turn to leave when I turn my notice to a lone SNES cartridge standing on top of the pile. It had annoyed me because it was standing on top of some labels of cartidges below it, so I’d tried craning my head around it. Now I’ve seen everything else and I figure I might as well see what game this one is. It’s slouching forward against the glass in an ugly fashion, almost as if it’s trying to escape notice. I focus my eyes to read the top label (which is upside-down) and my jaw goes slack.

I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!!??!

What were the FUCKING odds? And they were charging a (relatively) reasonable price! So I asked to test it out to make sure it worked, and after it booted up, I snatched it up and paid for it. I don’t even have a SNES! It’s one of those few games where I would just buy it even without immediate plans to buy the system it was on. If anyone has advice on whether to get an old SNES or one of those FamiTwin whatever knockoffs, lemme know. A Mother series of grumps may be in the cards some day… :3

But to bring this all home: What was the best find you’ve ever had, whether it be for a game, movie or WHATEVER? I’ll tell you a few more of mine, to get juices flowin’. A similar story to this one had me just searching on a lark for Suikoden II and finding out that the store closest to me ACTUALLY HAD A COPY. And then there’s the story of how I waltzed into a Vintage Stock store and found them selling a copy of Possession on DVD for roughly 1/10th of the price it was going for on Amazon. Your turn!

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10 Responses to “Grump Talk – Amazing Finds”

  1. Sivart Says:

    I’ve got a pretty good one myself.

    So my best friend had been dating this chick for the longest time and even after he broke up with her he kept hanging out with her (it was pretty frustrating the circumstances, but I digress). Well one day he invites me to come hang out with the two of them and then he was going to stay the night afterward. She had just moved into a new house a week or two ago and it was actually a short walk from my house so upon my arrival there I figured I would give her game collection a quick appraisal.

    It was pretty much full of crap. A lot of Madden-type stuff, games clearly marketed towards toddlers, Pokemon Trozei… Weird stuff like that. Well I finally hit her PS1 section of the shelf and start going through the games there. I seriously have to do a double-take because she just so happened to have a copy of the Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

    So I talk to her for a minute and tell her I was impressed that she owned that game and she promptly said “Oh, that? I never play it. You can have it if you want.” The thing was in PERFECT condition.

    It was the best day ever.

  2. Tintenfisch Says:

    After a night of poker at my friends house our group was just relaxing and talking about school and whatnot. I noticed My friend had a nice keyboard that he said he never really used. I asked if I could have it and he said sure since he never used it.

    It’s pretty sweat and is functional with a computer and an assortment of programs should the need arise.

    Play it everyday.

  3. TheDave Says:

    I’m damned to live in Cleveland for the next two or more years of my life, and it’s fairly hard to find anything to do that doesn’t involve $2 drafts, hundreds of low-rent overweight Jersey Shore clones, or the godawful excuses for sports teams that infest downtown.

    However, I found two bright spots:

    The first was when I first moved up here. I’m into board games like BattleTech, and I called around to a few comic book shops to see if they carried the books and miniatures. Most treated me like I was a crazy person, but one particular place, located just shy of the airport (a decent part of town) informed me that they did carry them, in between bites of what sounded like a very sloppy sandwich. I went there, expecting to see a handful of peg-warmer miniatures that blow. This place was a bizarre version of heaven; pretty much every wargame or miniature game of the last 25 years was represented. Granted, there was an ocean of GRIMDARK 40K to wade through, but there it was; a section of BattleTech miniatures with some very rare old ones and fresh out of the mold new ones. I spent a bunch of money I didn’t have and went home with my purchase in those embarrassing paper bags that always make it look like you’re carrying porn.

    The second is a store called Big Fun. I went to their East Side location with a few friends before a concert, and we had a collective nerdgasm visible from space. There was a Star Wars action figure diorama the size of a Buick Regal. There was a wall of G.I. Joes. I saw Bravestarr (sup Mora) action figures. Their place on the West side was just as awesome. I’m planning on selling off some Mighty Max and other toys I never cared about to get store credit for completing my G.I. Joe collection/remaining single forever.

    • John Mora Says:

      Yeah, Big Fun sort of astounds me, as I have no idea how they stay in business. I wish I knew what sort of financial HOCUS POCUS they use to keep from going under, since I can’t imagine the vintage toy business is booming in a down economy.

    • Rick Says:

      I’ve been to that Big Fun in Cleveland you talked about… The Dave. Your name is geeking me out ’cause I know a guy in Ohio named Dave who we also call The Dave. But the Star Wars diorama is absolutely fucking amazing. If I hadn’t been jobless at the time I probably could have spent hundreds of dollars in there just buying old shit I remember from childhood.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Extremely nice find.

    I don’t have anything quite as good as that. But picking up a bunch of brand new copies of Vib Ribbon (5 in total) for £5 each and giving them out to friends was a definite highlight :)

  5. Terry Says:

    Tim has gotten me amazing stuff for my birthdays. Once he got me Silhouette Mirage, and later it was Silent Bomber.

    My little brother and I got him the Blade Runner PC game for Christmas. I don’t think it ever ran successfully, but it’s the thought that counts.

    One thing my little brother would do is by several copies of E.T. at the nearest independent game store and give it to his friends as gag gifts.

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