(grump alert) Mega Man Legends III – Finally Upon Us?

No Need for Volnutt

PS1 cult classics Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Legends 2 and their spin-off The Misaventures of Tron Bonne may finally get a sequel if a mysterious trail of tweets, innuendo and seemingly unrelated news are anything to believe.

Developer Capcom, primarily Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune, has been teasing us with the promise of a Mega Man Legends III for a decade now, since MML2 ended on a cliffhanger back in the year 2000. So we’ve been going “Yeah, yeah, sure, Capcom” and brushing any promise off as cruel playful teasing. Yet these latest developments set the Nets ablaze with new hope, and as a fan of the Mega Man Legends world I feel like I need to stoke the flames.

This link here provides the initial burst of new-found promise:

Hideki Kamiya, former director to some of Capcom’s biggest games, knows something we don’t know about Mega Man Legends. In a series of back-and-forth Tweets, Kamiya is teasing fans of the series that they will pleased with something coming down the pike. The first tweet is as follows (UPDATE: a much more accurate translation provided by TMMN):

“Oh, finally, I was introduced to Capcom’s Kawano-san today, who was also the maker of Rockman DASH. But when I told him the wish to “make a sequel to DASH” from a certain person, he gave me some sort of grin… If it’s good it’s good I suppose… Goodnight.”

“Just wait and see.”

..and then, in a followup Tweet:

“If you’re Dash fan, you’ll be happy soon.”

and another, in response to the tweet, “Don’t toy with our hearts like that Kamiya-san!”:

“…you gotta believe Kawano san!”

Here’s two more Tweets of interest to keep you on edge. The first tweet is in response to “Kamiya-san Why must you toy with our emotions? We NEED Dash 3”, to which Kamiya said:

“All I can tell is just wait!”

and the second, a response to “No Dash 3 at all, huh?”

“Just wait and see.”

This is all starting to make sense...

Keep in mind Rockman Dash is the Japanese title for Legends. And hey, the rabbit hole goes deeper:

Remember our enigmatic friend “The Shadow”? The self proclaimed inside source that leaked several accurate Mega Man 9 details prior to the game’s official announcement? Well he’s at it again and this time he brings a most interesting bit of news that’s sure to please many.

Hot on the heels of all that “fans will be happy soon” teasing by former Capcom staff member Hideki Kamiya, The Shadow sends word that a Mega Man Legends sequel is indeed currently in development at Capcom. The project is “very tight lipped” at the moment and as such, he cannot reveal further details at this time. However, official news on the project is expected to surface after Capcom shifts their focus away from Mega Man Universe. No time frame was disclosed.

Further, The Shadow could not confirm if the title of the game is actually “Mega Man Legends 3” because the project has no working name at this point. Nevertheless, it is considered to be the next entry in the series.

Despite The Shadow’s track record, it’s best to take this with a grain of salt. “Hope for the best, expect the worst”, as they say. I’ll be keeping you posted on any new developments should they arise.

And this next bit might not have anything to do with the Mega Man Legends III excitement above, but the timing is too good to not include it into the conspiracy. The possibilities, they… well… they feel good:

According to a recent interview with Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune and Level-5’s Akihiro Hino (translated by Andriasang), Capcom is planning a collaboration of some sort with the Professor Layton developer.

So, with all that evidence, could this finally be it? Is Level-5 working with Capcom on a Mega Man Legends game? Will it resemble Level-5’s achingly gorgeous Ni No Kuni? It would make sense, given Mega Man Legends was one of  the first games (if not the first) to pioneer the anime-style graphics seen in Ni No Kuni. Or will it find a potentially larger audience as a 3DS exclusive? We know Level-5 and Capcom are all about that until-just-recently-less-mysterious piece of hardware. Or will it be a downloadable title, following the trend set by Mega Man 9 and 10? Hopefully we’ll find out later this year after Mega Man Universe’s wind has blown.

Or is Capcom teasing us again? If Duke Nukem Forever can materialize, why can’t Mega Man Legends III?


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