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Phantasy Star II: Heartrending

August 21, 2009

In my ongoing attempt to catch up on the overlooked RPG series, we revisit Phantasy Star II. Released a scant seven months after the Genesis’ launch, Phantasy Star II was hurried into development soon after the completion of the original Phantasy Star. Of course, this was back in the days where RPGs didn’t take five years to develop. Phantasy Star was one of the last games to hit SEGA’s Master System, and with newer, shinier technology at their grasp, Rieko Kodama & Co. decided to reach for the stars…



(grumplet) Jacob’s Ladder

October 31, 2008

Something that we haven’t done a very good job with and I’d like to correct is the lack of holiday-themed articles here on Grump Factory. I attempted to make a horror-themed article for Halloween last year, but it ended up being posted quite late. That simply will not DO. So here I am, presenting a movie that deserves to have its place among modern horror staples: Jacob’s Ladder. So strap yourself to a gurney and come along with me!

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(grumplet) Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams: Ever had time STOP?

June 10, 2008

In my last article on one of this director’s films, I don’t think I elaborated on Akira Kurosawa’s filmmaking style. Let me correct that omission here: he’s slow. Pretty damn deliberate in his pacing. It seems like every movie he makes feels about 3 hours long. Even his Macbeth adaptation Throne of Blood, which clocks in at under 90 minutes real-time. But he also makes several movies which actually ARE three or more hours long, so Kurosawa-time isn’t always a bad thing.

Now, Dreams was made during Kurosawa’s late career, after his attempted suicide and around the time when he was being propped up by¬†his successful¬†New Hollywood admirers, Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas. Coppola helped produce Dreams and Lucas’ ILM special effects company helped glitz it up a bit. Was it worth all the effort?



Wild At Heart: Life’s Wicked Game

April 2, 2008

I’m going to be completely honest, here. I have no clue how to start this. How DO you segue into a David Lynch review?




December 13, 2007

Better late than never! I finally fished this oldie out of my dad’s rather expansive DVD collection. I’d been meaning to watch it for years, since this is basically the movie that helped put Luc Besson on the map.