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(grumplet) The Happiness of the Katakuris: The Sound of Music with Dead Bodies

January 27, 2009

The premise of The Happiness of the Katakuris is like this: A middling patriach of a Japanese family leaves behind his mundane shoe sales job in order to open up a bed-and-breakfast at the foot of Mt. Fuji and drags his whole family along for the ride. However, when they finally get their first guests, each one ends up dying overnight. Desperate to stave off police suspicion and save the family business, they decide to bury the growing number of bodies in the nearby grounds.

Now, this sounds pretty macabre, like some sort of Asian “The Telltale Heart.” A conventional treatment of a plot such as this might be a quiet, haunting horror movie filled with chilling imagery, deadly silences and mounting dread that culminates into a terrifying treatise on guilt and paranoia.

But this movie was made by Takashi Miike, so it’s a musical comedy instead.

FAME! I wanna live forevaaaaaaaaaaa


Kairo: Wait, What?

May 18, 2007


Kairo has come very recommended to me. A conversation about Japanese cinema couldn’t arise without a certain someone telling me “you should see Kairo!” So I’ve kept my eyes peeled and sure enough, it never showed up. I didn’t even see it in stores! When the hell had this movie been released?! It should’ve been riding the wave of apathy interest sparked by its American remake Pulse, starring the wonderful, talented, and totally misguided actress Kristen Bell from TV’s Veronica Mars. I mean, was she THAT eager to fall into Sarah Michelle Gellar’s footsteps? But anyways, imagine my surprise when scouring a used DVD store the clouds parted and Kairo plopped into my lap. I was excited and eager to see what kind of movie it was. You could say I’m still waiting!