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The 3rd Guest Arrives

May 7, 2007

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Although this is mostly a game review, I’m going to stick a little introduction here at the beginning. I’m Brian Vacek, a guest-contributer for Grump Factory and associate by way of friendship and my own film blog: The Film Walrus. You won’t see any of my film reviews here, although you’ll likely see some cinematic repartee between Tim, John and myself. I’ll be doing the odd game review and other pop culture commentary to help the factory meet its quarterly grump quota. To continue an analogy made in John’s introduction, if Tim is the bad cop and John the good cop, I guess I’m the grim third cop behind the one-way mirror, analyzing the suspect’s expression and hurriedly scratching down some notes.


So what game will I be reviewing as my debut? The 7th Guest. Yup. The one on the PC from 1992. I know some of you know what I’m talking about because more than 2 million people bought the game. Well I just got around to playing it. Don’t ask, but it involves E-bay and my girlfriend.