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Hey remember 2007 sure why not

February 23, 2008

Hey, just in time for the Oscars.

The best movies of 2007. It was a swell year for genre and artsy flicks alike.

The worst movies. Some of them aren’t all that bad, just dumb fun.

The best video games, or rather, the few games I managed to play out of the million or so that were released last year.



Ultimate Excitement – The Bourne Ultimatum

August 12, 2007


Remember the last time you held your breath watching a movie. It must have been a really suspenseful moment, a life hanging in the balance. Maybe you pressed your hands to your cheeks, eyes transfixed on the screen, heart pounding, stalling, sputtering as the minutes pass longer and longer. And danger is about to strike any moment. The score vibrates in your ears – you make a mental note to stay through the credits to see who composed the music – and you can’t hold your popcorn in your lap anymore, you can’t hold your bladder anymore!! God, just anything for some sweet, satisfying release!

My last time was in The Bourne Ultimatum, during an excruciating footchase through Morocco. It ends when the music cuts away, the camera goes crazy and Jason Bourne jumps through a window and beats a guy to death with a book.

My lungs opened back up and I breathed a sigh of relief, not only because Bourne killed the assassin, I was relieved that YES, after hearing all the hype and positive press, The Bourne Ultimatum is fucking awesome.