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Performance Review – Caprica: Cylons Have Scratchy Voices

May 19, 2009

When I heard that Sci-Fi was thinking of developing a prequel series to Battlestar Galactica, I dismissed it. I mean, really, it seemed like one of those things you hear about, then gets dropped for one reason or another down the line and no one really notices. I mean, a prequel to the edgy, dark Battlestar Galactica remake turning into a… soap opera? It seemed like one of those concepts that would never get farther than its pitch. But Sci-Fi was apparently eager to cash in on the rabid fanbase that was giving the cable network some of its best ratings. They’d be stupid NOT to capitalize on Battlestar Galactica, right? So Caprica was greenlit and eventually arrived straight to DVD as a backdoor pilot for an apparently eventual TV series. Is it as inessential as it initially seems?

Hey, is this the set for Across the Universe?