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(First Impressions) Lords of Shadow – You Like Castlevania Don’t You?

August 28, 2010

Do these ice titans just wait around in frozen lakes for grieving warriors to show up?

I can’t help but compare Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to Metroid: Other M. Both long-anticipated, 3D-oriented sequels to well-respected, often troubled franchises trying to do a lot at once to please old fans who hold a certain “Metroidvania” title as the paradigm, while welcoming new players used to God of War and Ninja Gaiden.

It’s an unenviable task!

But from what I played of the final build yesterday, Lords of Shadow seems up to it. I picked up the Dual Shock in the middle of someone else’s playthrough, so after taking a few minutes to acclimate myself to the controls I was whipping and dagger-throwing like a, well, like a Kratos or Ryu Hayabusa.


Pretty Fucking Aptly Named (Damn, that wasn’t even funny when this game first came out)

May 7, 2007

Hi. I’m BZ. I contribute. You might be wondering where I fit in on the “good cop/bad cop” nonsense that Mora and Magus have been spreading. If so, you’re a fucking idiot. I’m not a cop. I’m an asshole. Professionally.

Portrait of Ruin is a hideous abortion of a Castlevania game. It suffers from a critical lack of attention to detail: tiles and monsters are recycled unchanged from previous titles, levels and monsters accomplish almost nothing in providing gameplay, and protagonists have their names misspelled in the menu screen. It’s the kind of game that could’ve used another year in development, perhaps with a producer who wasn’t fresh out of ideas. Barring that, it’s the kind of game that could’ve benefited from just a little bit of love: it’s obvious through and through that no one at Konami cared about the product they were creating.

Slash slash slash blargh