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Performance Review – Fable: Fable in Progress

October 20, 2007

Y’know, one of the reasons I was so warm towards getting an Xbox 360 was the fact that I’d be able to play all the original Xbox games that I was too proud and poor to play when they originally came out. Fable was on my shortlist for games to go back and revisit once I got my Elite, and of course I put it on my birthday list. Even though it was only $10 brand new for The Lost Chapters, I’m still a cheapskate when it comes to games.Fable is an action-RPG by famed developer Peter Molyneux, also known to PC gamers as the Prince of Broken Dreams. This man loves to have forever-long development cycles, all the while hyping up his game to insane, industry-destroying proportions. If Molyneux came out with a press release saying “My next game is so good it will make the entire video game industry collapse because no one will be able to compete with it” it would actually be one of the smaller claims he’s made about one of his games. You might remember Black & White, the game he made prior to Fable, which was supposed to be the greatest PC sim game ever EVER. But it wasn’t. It never is with Peter.

Fable was the same way. Years and years of hype. Fable would have this, Fable would have that, Fable will cure cancer and cook you breakfast. I told my friend James that Fable would either get canceled or be released a horrible disappointment. It just seemed too good to be true. And guess what? It was!