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Hey remember 2007 sure why not

February 23, 2008

Hey, just in time for the Oscars.

The best movies of 2007. It was a swell year for genre and artsy flicks alike.

The worst movies. Some of them aren’t all that bad, just dumb fun.

The best video games, or rather, the few games I managed to play out of the million or so that were released last year.




April 21, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Let me start off this review by saying that I have seen only snippets of Shaun of the Dead, so its bearing on this review will be minimal at best. I hope this helps in viewing this movie as its own separate work rather than as a follow-up.

So I decided basically on a lark this afternoon to see the movie Hot Fuzz. I’d seen commercials for it, liked the trailer I saw, and had heard generally good things about Shaun of the Dead, so I thought it could be a nice diversion for the evening. I should also admit that I thought in case it did suck, it’d at least make a good candidate for my first really derogatory Grump Factory post. Little did I know what I was in for.