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(grump alert) Mega Man Legends 3 confirmed for 3DS

September 29, 2010

Dreams do come true

First Duke Nukem Forever, now Mega Man Legends 3. All we need left is Half-Life 2: Episode 3, Shenmue 3 and ZOE3 … and life will be complete.

The folks over at Mega Man Network provide the much sought-after skinny, and a spiffy video too:


Hi everyone! This is Masakazu Eguchi, director of MEGA MAN LEGENDS 3!

So, how about that Keiji Inafune special interview? Did you like that?

As you can see, Inafune is very enthusiastic about this project. And that new development style that he said he would go into more detail about later, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by that. We think not only fans of the series, but anyone interested in Mega Man Legends will be like, “What? …OMG!!!”

When I and the rest of the staff first heard that were that we were doing this, we were shaking in our boots. All of us were asking our bosses, “Are you guys serious?”

But the proposition was interesting to say the least. So, now here we are making intense preparations and trying to stay on schedule.

…Having said that, there are so many details about the project that I am dying to tell all of you… but you’ll have to wait and let your imaginations run wild for just a little longer, until the Comic Con in New York next month!

Until then, I’ll use this blog to introduce to members of my team, and tell you a little about what’s going on here in the Dev Lab. I’ll do my best to update it at least once a week, so check back often!

I’m also looking forward to hearing comments from all of you!

Be sure to check out for more info!

I’ll be at NYCC next week, where I’ll do my best to glean new details about this. I’ll be firing on all cylinders for this game, and hopefully find out “how ans will have an opportunity to be part of the development process like never before as they interact directly with the team!”

We’re doing it, guys.

We’re gonna get Volnutt back down.


(grump alert) Mega Man Legends III – Finally Upon Us?

September 23, 2010
No Need for Volnutt

PS1 cult classics Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Legends 2 and their spin-off The Misaventures of Tron Bonne may finally get a sequel if a mysterious trail of tweets, innuendo and seemingly unrelated news are anything to believe.

Developer Capcom, primarily Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune, has been teasing us with the promise of a Mega Man Legends III for a decade now, since MML2 ended on a cliffhanger back in the year 2000. So we’ve been going “Yeah, yeah, sure, Capcom” and brushing any promise off as cruel playful teasing. Yet these latest developments set the Nets ablaze with new hope, and as a fan of the Mega Man Legends world I feel like I need to stoke the flames.

This link here provides the initial burst of new-found promise:

Hideki Kamiya, former director to some of Capcom’s biggest games, knows something we don’t know about Mega Man Legends. In a series of back-and-forth Tweets, Kamiya is teasing fans of the series that they will pleased with something coming down the pike. The first tweet is as follows (UPDATE: a much more accurate translation provided by TMMN):

“Oh, finally, I was introduced to Capcom’s Kawano-san today, who was also the maker of Rockman DASH. But when I told him the wish to “make a sequel to DASH” from a certain person, he gave me some sort of grin… If it’s good it’s good I suppose… Goodnight.”

“Just wait and see.”

..and then, in a followup Tweet:

“If you’re Dash fan, you’ll be happy soon.”

and another, in response to the tweet, “Don’t toy with our hearts like that Kamiya-san!”:

“…you gotta believe Kawano san!”

Here’s two more Tweets of interest to keep you on edge. The first tweet is in response to “Kamiya-san Why must you toy with our emotions? We NEED Dash 3”, to which Kamiya said:

“All I can tell is just wait!”

and the second, a response to “No Dash 3 at all, huh?”

“Just wait and see.”


Mega Man 10 – The Robots Are All Right

August 8, 2010

Let’s cut to the (Rockman Battle and) chase. Mega Man 10 is not as good as Mega Man 9. Which is okay. Mega Man 9 was the result of 18 years of game design knowledge funneled into a perfect downloadable package. It spoke right to the cereal-munching, Saturday morning cartoon-watching kid in me. It is, in this reviewer’s humble opinion, the best Mega Man game, which makes it one of the best video games, and a tough act to follow.

Though Mega Man 10′s still pretty good!

speed racer and racer x


Performance Review – Mega Man 9: From Hell’s Heart I Stab At Thee

September 29, 2008

Everyone is up in arms about Mega Man 9. A new sequel to the classic series that’s resurfacing after ten years. That was enough to send the hardcore fanboys into a tizzy. Then Capcom really pushed their joy button: it wouldn’t be returning to the cartoony sprites of Mega Man 8 or going the polygonal route… it would look just like the NES installments that the fans have a fondness for. And they went nuts for it. What a ballsy move! The mock box art they produced a few months later that poked fun at Mega Man 1‘s original shitty box art made them even giddier. It’d be just like the old days!

Then the game launched on WiiWare and the locust-like fans descended upon it and devoured it in record time. Reviews flew up left and right from die-hard fans spewing jizz all over the game’s aesthetics, gameplay, music and challenge. But most of all, its nostalgia. Hell, this blog even produced one of those. But what about those that are uninitiated? What about the gamers that never grew up with a NES or Mega Man to play on Saturday mornings? What about those with no fond memories tied to the Blue Bomber? Would they have anything nice to say about it?

I knew something smelled about Mega Man 9 the moment I saw that fucking awful box art. It was the stench of pandering. Of manipulation. Capcom knew exactly what it was doing by going back to NES sprites. It was preying upon its loyal fanbase, feeding upon the memories of Mega Man 2. It seemed less like appealing to our sense of good gameplay and more about appealing to our sense of nostalgia. Play our game, it’ll make you feel like you’re back in 1988. It all seemed so very underhanded and slick; predatory.

Well here I am to give you an impression of the game that’s untainted by goggles of vaseline-smeared nostalgia, unfettered by years or training to play this type of game and uncaring of the feelings of anyone it happens to cross on the way to its inexorable opinion. I hope this grump ruins friendships. I hope it dissolves marriages. I hope it scorches the very earth it stands on and poisons the water until all that’s left is blackness. There will be no getting along, no compromises, no uneasy truces.


PSP Mega Man is mega tough

June 20, 2007

As of 2007, Final Fantasy, Castlevania and Metal Gear are all now 20 years old. Mega Man also abandons his greasy and frustrating teen years this year, now a slightly-less greasy and frustrating 20-years-young mega man. I always liked the little guy even if after 20 years he hasn’t grown up that much. Lord knows I give Square Enix a lot of guff but no one can deny Capcom is the posterchild supreme of repetition. Their few attempts at original franchises either make way for more sequels, or they’re TOO original and critically lauded that consumers are intimidated away to safe bets like, uh, Mega Man sequels and spin-offs.

Mega Man hasn’t had anything exciting to do in a while. The Mega Man Legends series was the last kick in the pants the franchise got and that was whenever Playstation 1 was still cutting-edge. There are rumblings of a possible Mega Man Legends 3, otherwise it’s been Battle Networks, Mega Man X spin-offs and two PSP remakes.

By the Maker, what is it with me and remakes?