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Metroid: Other M – Fission Mailed

October 2, 2010

Metroid: Other M‘s plot is, as suspected from my early moments with the game, a poorly presented mess that takes the forefront to everything else, such as the actual game, which isn’t terrible or spectacular. It’s passable, something a legacy series from Nintendo shouldn’t be satisfied with being. It has elements of a Metroid game — item collecting, hallway running, speed boosting, and the controls for the most part are sound — but it is a very poor Metroid game, and if you want to get really dramatic Metroid: Other M is a confounding, depressing situation that’s frankly, kind of a dead horse at this point.

But here goes.

Metroid: Wrestling Anime Edition


(First Impressions) Metroid: Other M – Samus, You’re Breakin’ my Heart!

July 29, 2010

Metroid: Other M realizes my worst fears. That this Team Ninja-developed sequel to Super Metroid would be an overdone turkey with all the corn and gloss of a Ninja Gaiden game but none of the panache and class of a, well, a Metroid game. The warning flags were all there: the announcement of Team Ninja as the developer, the early footage of fractured-looking gameplay, the none-too-encouraging promise of  a “story that will explain things”, and the constant reassuring from Nintendo that they’re involved and that means everything will turn out okay.

If the 45 minutes I played of M:OM is any indication of how the game is, well, everything is not okay. If there was a disclaimer at the very start that said “This preview is an early build” or something then I didn’t see it. I get the feeling this is it. With a month to go until release this seems to be the final build. Which is distressing.

Look at all those hopes crashing...