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Hey remember 2007 sure why not

February 23, 2008

Hey, just in time for the Oscars.

The best movies of 2007. It was a swell year for genre and artsy flicks alike.

The worst movies. Some of them aren’t all that bad, just dumb fun.

The best video games, or rather, the few games I managed to play out of the million or so that were released last year.



My Misanthropic Day at the Movies – No Country for Old Men

November 14, 2007

First, in my sci-fi class was Terry Gilliam’s fucking brilliant Brazil. I’ve seen before and studied it just as many times so it wasn’t anything new, but it’s still just as zany and as goddamn terrifying. Brazil is, basically, about TODAY, and it still astounds me how Gilliam was able to predict everything going wrong even down to my malfunctioning iPod. Better call Central Services.

Then I went to see The Spirit of the Beehive, a Spanish movie set during Spain’s Civil War about a sad little girl with a serious longing to die. Her family is absent the entire time – they’re never in the same shot together – so the girl has to turn to her imagination, much like Sam Lowry in Brazil, to cope. It’s slow and ponderous and, okay, pretty boring as the movie uses its 90 minute running time for long spells of silence and overstretched views of Spanish plains so it feels much longer than an hour and a half. Brazil is funny, this is just depressing.

Then I saw No Country for Old Men, the latest from The Coen Brothers.

Nope. No old men here!