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Rocky Balboa cries, then hits

June 1, 2007

When I first got whiff of Rocky Balboa I saw all the signs of Sylvester Stallone dealing with a massive image issue, feelings of inadueaquucaay, fear of failure, that he has something to prove to the world, that he can write, act AND direct himself just as well as he did in, well, the first Rocky. And that was 30 years ago.

What the hell? Was he joking? Was he going through Gloria Swanson-esque delusions of a comeback, grasping for the chance to relive some far-gone glory? Does he have a German director man-servant? Is he riding on the trend of franchise returns and restarts like Batman and James Bond? Or is there actually something to this, a second chance of sorts? I haven’t seen the other Rocky movies but I hear they’re pretty silly. Didn’t Rocky fight a robot once? Will there be robot fights in this one?

Yo how about a slug