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PlayStation Move – Just Let Go, Jack

October 8, 2010

move? move me to the bar

Earlier this week, PlayStation Blog hosted an event where folks could try out Sony’s Mii-too, the PlayStation Move. The moment I walked in and saw the boxing, karaoke and sports games I let out a sigh, then a growl: “Those damn casuals!”

Crowding the market with their shallow party games!

But like Jack, I had to learn to just let go, and sing Lady Gaga in between two gyrating gymnasts.

The Fight

But first I shuffled over to try the imaginatively titled The Fight. A street boxing game, you use two Wiimo– er, Move controllers (wands?) to emulate the on-screen fighter’s fists. After wondering what an expense that would be to have to buy two Wands, I was promised 1:1 control over said fists then fought the guy demoing the game. I was thoroughly thrashed.

Maybe I’m just a lightweight (I am), but 1:1 control felt sluggish and unresponsive. Each jab and uppercut I threw happened a moment later, which kind of undermines the supposed immersive nature of this whole motion control movement. I would later learn The Fight is actually called The Fight: Lights Out.