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Grump Alert – LOST on Hulu

January 6, 2010

Just letting any interested parties out there know that the superb television series LOST is offering the past 5 seasons of full episodes on the streaming service Hulu. Why should you watch LOST? I think I’ve covered this before, but to sum it up: it’s some of the best, most creative suspense out there, with richly-drawn characters, a fantastic ensemble of actors and some truly stand-out scoring for a TV series. LOST is best consumed all at once, so hopefully those of you out there that have been sitting on the fence will use this as an opportunity to bone up on the show in anticipation of its final season in early February. Hope it hooks you like it hooked me!


Vertigo & North by Northwest: Bitches Don’t Know ‘Bout My Hitchcock

October 6, 2008

It’s with some film grump shame that I admit my experience with Alfred Hitchcock is limited. My early exposure to film was basically limited to what my dad thought was good and entertaining, thus my history with all manners of sci-fi, from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Deep Star Six. Once I became independent enough to pursue my own interests (Netflix lol) I began to culture myself in the filmmakers I wanted to see/thought I should see. Hitchcock wasn’t far from the top of the list. I’d only ever seen one of his films before, Rebecca, with Film Walrus and had a blast. It was an excellent movie with far-reaching influence, a fantastically twisted and layered story and even better acting. So I was definitely stoked to dive into the presumably warm waters of Hitchcock’s other work.

But was that really the case?


THE DARK KNIGHT – Praise Be to Dent

September 16, 2008

If you look at the most successful movies from the past 8 years you’ll see they’re all superhero movies. They capture peoples’ imaginations like no other genre, a genre we here at Grump Factory are keen to focus on with our dopey articles most of the time, because each new superhero flick carries with it a certain amount of weight, of hype and expectation due to familiarity with decades of comic book continuity and because many of the movies, despite their overwhelming success, are so lousy they deserve a proper skewering. For some perspective as to where The Dark Knight sits on the superhero movie scale, it was only two years ago when X-Men 3: The Last Stand made a killing. Now, people are rewarding a good movie and it’s not a feel-good movie. This is a feel-bad movie with one of the saddest endings I’ve seen in a mainstream movie. I’ve heard comparisons to movies as stark and cheerless as Se7en and Requiem for a Dream. I think it was statements as hyperbolic as that that made up a perfect storm of reasons for people to go see the movie, and go again, and again and again: to see if it lived up to the impossible amount of hype, to see the final full-on performance of Heath Ledger, and because the movie’s been in the public conscious in the past two or so years thanks to the most ambitious viral marketing campaign ever perpetrated.

Chances are you’ve seen it, most likely twice, in IMAX, and from here on I’m going to assume you did.

noir noir noir noir noir noir noir noir noir


Straw Dogs: THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!

July 24, 2008

Y’know, people think that movies today are so brutal and shocking, but you know what? It’s been that way for a while. Look at the 70s. You had movies like Apocalypse Now, The Godfather and Taxi Driver that pushed the buttons of sensitive viewers. I mean what’s more objectionable? The Matrix‘s lobby scene or waking up with a severed horse head?

My dad and I were trying to find something to watch on a Sunday night and we were rooting through his DVD collection only to happen upon Straw Dogs. Neither of us had ever seen it, and I’d never seen a Peckinpah movie before. So we just shrugged our shoulders, popped in the DVD and sat down to watch it, completely innocent of what the movie was about.

Ohhhhhhhhhh dear.

Be vewy, vewy quiet...

Be vewy, vewy quiet...