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Happy Holidays – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze

December 25, 2008
sirtmagus: OH YES
sirtmagus: The New Line Logo!
JohnnyMora: I like New Line’s logo :3
sirtmagus: Are we watching MORTAL KOMBAAAT?!
JohnnyMora: Always gets me ready for crap
JohnnyMora: I was about to say
sirtmagus: Too bad they’re DEAD. LOLOL
sirtmagus: Wait, in memory of Jim Henson? :c
JohnnyMora: yep
JohnnyMora: He did the suits for the original, I think.
sirtmagus: what a way to start your kid’s flick.
JohnnyMora: This intro made me so hungry
JohnnyMora: and jealous
JohnnyMora: I loooove pizza.
sirtmagus: New York: Pizza and Guys Nodding at Each Other.
JohnnyMora: I wish I lived there~
sirtmagus: It’s okay. Hope you like $12 movie tickets.
sirtmagus: DAVID WARNER?!
JohnnyMora: As long as the pizza’s cheap.
JohnnyMora: YUP
JohnnyMora: And Ernie Reyes Jr.
sirtmagus: I know where to get good $1 pizza.
JohnnyMora: Liu Kang’s  younger brother
sirtmagus: Does Raph avenge his death?
JohnnyMora: lol
JohnnyMora: Kino
JohnnyMora: You bastard
JohnnyMora: Put that wench in her place!
sirtmagus: OH MAN. That was a burn.
sirtmagus: A PIZZA burn.
JohnnyMora: Oh gosh
JohnnyMora: BOXES
sirtmagus: NYC’s worst criminals.
sirtmagus: Wear flannel.
JohnnyMora: what did he think he’d be able to do?!
sirtmagus: KARATE.
JohnnyMora: and quip
JohnnyMora: Quip kwon do
sirtmagus: So much crime going on tonight! And they’re all white.
JohnnyMora: “Help?”
sirtmagus: WHOA
JohnnyMora: well
JohnnyMora: this is a children’s movie.
JohnnyMora: Blacks not allowed.
JohnnyMora: AWESOME~
sirtmagus: The Turtles just walk down some stairs for their entrance, huh.