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Grump Alert – LOST on Hulu

January 6, 2010

Just letting any interested parties out there know that the superb television series LOST is offering the past 5 seasons of full episodes on the streaming service Hulu. Why should you watch LOST? I think I’ve covered this before, but to sum it up: it’s some of the best, most creative suspense out there, with richly-drawn characters, a fantastic ensemble of actors and some truly stand-out scoring for a TV series. LOST is best consumed all at once, so hopefully those of you out there that have been sitting on the fence will use this as an opportunity to bone up on the show in anticipation of its final season in early February. Hope it hooks you like it hooked me!


Virtuality: Virtually Ignored

July 6, 2009

After the new Battlestar Galactica shuttered its doors earlier this year, it left a palpable hole on television where a serious, thoughtful science fiction series should be. Dollhouse is too uneven to fit the bill. LOST is too twisty, zany and soapy to match it, either. Fringe, as much as I enjoyed Season 1, is too mainstream and procedural. Where’s that hard-nosed space travel show I, and so many others, desperately need?!

Well, it seemed Ronald D. Moore’s fellow BSG and DS9 and alum, Michael Taylor, who was responsible for a DS9 episode “The Visitor,” one of the only episodes of television to ever make me cry, had his own ideas for a new series; one that would take the Star Trek staple of virtual reality and give it an edgy twist. And his take on things interested Ron Moore enough to attach his name to the project, practically assuring that someone at the major networks would also catch interest in it. After all, Moore spearheaded a universally critically-acclaimed series that, while never quite breaking out into a huge mainstream success, garnered a sizable cult following and a permanent place in geek culture. His next project could be the one to explode into the mainstream consciousness! Or it could be Virtuality.



Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie – SMELLS LIKE … TEENAGERS

July 2, 2009


Performance Review – Caprica: Cylons Have Scratchy Voices

May 19, 2009

When I heard that Sci-Fi was thinking of developing a prequel series to Battlestar Galactica, I dismissed it. I mean, really, it seemed like one of those things you hear about, then gets dropped for one reason or another down the line and no one really notices. I mean, a prequel to the edgy, dark Battlestar Galactica remake turning into a… soap opera? It seemed like one of those concepts that would never get farther than its pitch. But Sci-Fi was apparently eager to cash in on the rabid fanbase that was giving the cable network some of its best ratings. They’d be stupid NOT to capitalize on Battlestar Galactica, right? So Caprica was greenlit and eventually arrived straight to DVD as a backdoor pilot for an apparently eventual TV series. Is it as inessential as it initially seems?

Hey, is this the set for Across the Universe?


Performance Review – Fringe

May 14, 2009

Around 8 months ago I heard tell of a wonderful thing: A Science Fiction show that would be a veritable mishmash of the X-Files and other past greats of the genre! It’s co-created by J.J. Abrams, you say? That’s a guaranteed recipe for mystery and craziness if I’ve ever heard one! It’s going to be on FOX, huh?

At this point my response was, “So, has it been canceled yet?”

However, FOX’s general ineptitude with (good) shows these days is not what I am here to discuss. I’m here to talk about Fringe – the previously alluded to sci-fi show co-created by Abrams that evokes the X-Files as well as other past hits (and/or misses) – which has just wrapped up its first season. So is it everything it was hyped to be? Is it the new Lost? Are various orifices explored in the name of science!? Read on and just maybe you will find out.

The answer to that last one was yes, by the way.


Performance Review – 24: Redepemtionionon

November 26, 2008

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Dammit! I don’t have time so I’ll make this short!


Grump Select – Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX

January 30, 2008

After nuclear World War III and non-nuclear World War IV (the so-called Second Vietnam War), the world is a very different place. Japan has since risen as a major superpower once more, despite Article IX of their Constitution, which prevents them from taking part in actual combat. Instead, using nanotechnology, the country turns the tide with microscopic machines that scrub the environment clean of radiation, thus making nuclear weapons less of an advantage. The wars end and the geopolitical climate shifts considerably, most notably, the splitting of America into three separate nations – the American Empire, the Russo-American Alliance and the United States of America.

Meanwhile, Japan has flourished. It’s home to amazing technological achievements including full-body prosthetics and intelligence-enhancing brain implants, making total recall and vast information storage possible. Cyberbrains and cyborgs are commonplace. Androids and artificial intelligence are advancing exponentially. Robotics like mechanized armor and multi-pedal tanks ensure some country or privatized military are heavily armed. The Internet has evolved into a single global ether that any individual with a cyberbrain can tap into in real-time. Cyberspace is as real as you make it.

Japan also flounders. The country has no idea what to do with the three million war refugees it gives ill-equipped shelter to. The shadow of the ultra-nationalist American Empire looms over the mostly-ineffective Japanese government while big companies and manufacturers secretly hold the reins. The proliferation of advanced technology brings a dark side as well – cybercrime, a new brand of terrorism. Boundaries are blurred; man and machine are almost the same and reality itself is in question. Espionage and subterfuge is at an all-time high.

This is the backdrop of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, perhaps the greatest work of cyberpunk science fiction put to screen.

omg YES