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Notes From a Review That Never Was: Terminator Salvation

August 5, 2010


What a mixed bag. In some ways better than the jokey third movie, in other ways, worse. It’s all pointless of course, a cash-in, ┬ábegins nice and bleak with a man’s execution.

clumsy. intro with worthington and carter…. drrrr. then thrown into the future.

bale grunts and screams.

worthington stumbles out of the wreckage ALIVE!! and screaming. who could he beeeee?

jumps off a chopper into the ocean – why?? oh to rendevous with a submarine somehow. meets his superiors.

MICHAEL FUCKIN’ IRONSIDE shows up and brings some 80s sci-fi credibility.

finds out he’s gonna meet Kyle Reese – “a civilian.” meets his fellow soldiers. and Bryce Dallas lookin’ chunky.


Terminator Salvation: His Heart Will Go On

May 28, 2009

I will start this article honestly. Ten minutes into the latest entry into the Terminator franchise, Terminator Salvation, I wanted it to be over. Now, I rarely feel that strongly about not wanting to continue watching a movie. Hell, I was curious enough to watch, like, half an hour of Ultraviolet on TNT one time. The only other time I remember being so completely over a movie practically before it had begun was Jurassic Park III. I was checking my watch twenty minutes in on that one. What do Terminator Salvation and Jurassic Park III have in common? Could it be that they’re both unnecessary science fiction sequels that absolutely no one clamored for?

y halo thar~