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February 16, 2008

I recently had the chance to make one of my life’s goals come true. But I’m getting ahead of myself! It all started with an innocuous visit to video game news blog Kotaku, where an article had just been posted talking about the concert tour Video Games Live’s 2008 tour dates. Now, usually I’d just sigh and scroll onward, cursing my backwards Midwest existence. I don’t know what strange emotion came over me (I’m told it’s called “hope”) , but I decided to read the details of the article. To my utter shock, one of the first stops would be in St. Louis! That’s like a few hours away from me! And Film Walrus lives there! HOLY SHIT!!! My excitement was tempered by the fact that the concert date was less than two weeks away, and preparations must begin to be made. I scribbled off a panicked e-mail to Film Walrus from my work computer and after a few tense days of e-mail tag, the details had been worked out and all I had to do was make the drive and somehow keep from exploding in excitement at getting to hear all my favorite video game tunes performed live! By a symphony! That I’m not imagining!!