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Third Grumpiversary – The Pebble and the Penguin (and some whizzing too)

April 28, 2010

marc: Pebble and the Penguin right?
they have secret of nimh? :O
maybe magus would wanna watch that instead
unless he really wants the SHITTY factor
marc: I havent seen that either
john: we’ll ask
cuz pebble and the penguin’s shit
as you can see by the art
marc: I thought that was the point though? :3
john: i know!
but nimh’s not beyond reproach
it’s got like one segment i remember being awesome
the rest i can’t remember

sirtmagus has entered the room.

john: his wihizzes are like fifteen minutes long, the hell
tim: so i weighed myself before i whizzed
and i weighed myself after… 133
john: lol
did you?
tim: a whole pppoooouuund of whiz~
john: god you are so thin
marc: 133? seriously?
john: anyways
it seems hulu also has secret of nimh
tim: oh god.
nightmare fuel.
john: so i was asking you which you think would make better third grumpiversary fodder
tim: hmmm.
whichever one’s shorter |:VVVV
i got it paused at the start
so just say when