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Phantasy Star IV – The End of the Millennium: What They See in the Final Days

December 13, 2009

It’s been quite a whirlwind, grumpeteers! Over half a year of catching up with Sega’s underappreciated classic RPG series Phantasy Star. Why, you ask? Partly because of their historical significance to role-playing, especially Japanese role-playing, games. Partly to experience and describe to others a series of games they most likely missed out upon but always wondered what they were like. And partly because I was unemployed, taking a relatively untaxing curriculum and Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection came out for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (which my circle of online friends refer to as Spinhog’s Software Pile) with all four iterations bundled neatly together for the first time in the West. In fact, I wouldn’t be lying if I said most of the reason I bought the collection was to be able to give Phantasy Star the sort of attention I thought it probably always deserved from me. It seems I have a sort of lingering condition from my days as a little lonely kid who only owned a Genesis where I feel like I must do everything in my power to try to like a Sega franchise. After completing this leg of my journey, the next logical step is trying to chronicle the Shining series and working up the nerve to start Yakuza again. But those are stories for a later time. For now, onwards with the story of Phantasy Star IV! Forget everything you knew about Phantasy Star III. Really. Just do it. You’ll feel better.



Phantasy Star II: Heartrending

August 21, 2009

In my ongoing attempt to catch up on the overlooked RPG series, we revisit Phantasy Star II. Released a scant seven months after the Genesis’ launch, Phantasy Star II was hurried into development soon after the completion of the original Phantasy Star. Of course, this was back in the days where RPGs didn’t take five years to develop. Phantasy Star was one of the last games to hit SEGA’s Master System, and with newer, shinier technology at their grasp, Rieko Kodama & Co. decided to reach for the stars…