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PlayStation Move – Just Let Go, Jack

October 8, 2010

move? move me to the bar

Earlier this week, PlayStation Blog hosted an event where folks could try out Sony’s Mii-too, the PlayStation Move. The moment I walked in and saw the boxing, karaoke and sports games I let out a sigh, then a growl: “Those damn casuals!”

Crowding the market with their shallow party games!

But like Jack, I had to learn to just let go, and sing Lady Gaga in between two gyrating gymnasts.

The Fight

But first I shuffled over to try the imaginatively titled The Fight. A street boxing game, you use two Wiimo– er, Move controllers (wands?) to emulate the on-screen fighter’s fists. After wondering what an expense that would be to have to buy two Wands, I was promised 1:1 control over said fists then fought the guy demoing the game. I was thoroughly thrashed.

Maybe I’m just a lightweight (I am), but 1:1 control felt sluggish and unresponsive. Each jab and uppercut I threw happened a moment later, which kind of undermines the supposed immersive nature of this whole motion control movement. I would later learn The Fight is actually called The Fight: Lights Out.


Noby Noby Boy – It Belongs in a Museum

September 28, 2009

While some developers cater to fans, ignore fans, or port shovelware Keita Takahashi aims for the edge of the solar system. Though not quite a household name like Shigeru Miyamoto or Will Wright, Takahashi should be known for Katamari Damacy and its sequel, two trippy games so fresh and fun the world waited with bated breath to see what his next endeavor might be. Eventually word came that Takahashi would rather quit making games and design playgrounds.


Then word came that Noby Noby Boy would be his next venture. And nobody knew what it was – even Takahashi had trouble describing it. Now, all mystery surrounding the game has been lifted since it’s been available for some time on the PS3’s Playstation Network. Even then, it’s not an easy game to describe or play…



inFAMOUS – Energy non-Crisis

June 12, 2009

I’ve been struggling to write this for awhile now. It’s very easy to talk about something that’s bad; the bile flows easily from my mind and into text, and soon I have an over abundance of complaining to work with (see: Bionic Commando). When confronted by a truly good game — one where the enjoyment is mainly derived from actually playing it — I’m kinda at a loss as to how I should discuss it.

So I’ll try to keep this short, simple, and electric pun-free.